We avail the prompt and competitive services for money exchange at reliable rates. We are associated with the reputed Forex merchants who ensure our students getting competitive money exchange rates and timely services.

We assist you with

• Demand Drafts

• Travelling Cheques

• International Debit Cards

• Wire Transfers & Currency Notes

Travel Assistance

We organize safe travel equipped with insurance to the overseas medical universities and arrange the suitable accommodation in abroad.

We take care of all your travel necessities like Visa, Air Ticket, Pick-up & drop from Airport, See you off to the doormat of your hostel.

We ensure following assistance for you.

• Visa assistance and Embassy contacts

• Help if you lost your passports, tickets and baggage

• Urgent document delivery

• Support if you lost your wallet or credit card

• Cash support in emergency

• Legal referrals

• Travel arrangements and bookings

• Accommodation

• Airport/port support